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10 Aug 2010

Urban Krav Beginner fights off 3 attackers, one with a blade

One of our new guys, a very nice gentle guy, fought off 3 attackers last night one of whom was carrying a blade. Check out his story here:

“On my way home from your class this evening three youths mugged me in the car park outside my flats in Deptford The problem was I had a coat over one arm and a rucksack in the other.  The main assailant was waving a knife around.   We tussled for a bit - them trying to get my stuff - I made a lot of noise to get an audience from the surrounding flats, got aggressive, didn’t get cornered and fought them off (only the guy with the knife really tried to have a go at me).    I didn’t really think there was any point in running (they were all teenagers I reckon - though hoods obscured their faces).  The overlooking windows opening and neighbours shouting made them eventually disappear. Anyway, thanks.  A few weeks ago I wouldn’t have had the attitude to deal with the situation.  Though I suspect the sensible thing would have been to have let them take my stuff (as the police subsequently observed).  I did think about it for a split second but decided to fight.    I’m a bit wired now so a few scotches are in order.”

He’s only done 7 lessons so particularly proud of him. Training points:

don’t look vulnerable or distracted, if you’re carrying stuff and both arms are occupied then attackers are more likely to go for you. Scum are like any other predators in the animal world, they go for what they see as the easiest meat.

if you decide to go for it, do so with aggression as extreme as you can, the bad guys often win because they go into a situation already pumped up, the good guys need to be able to get into “fight mode” very quickly to survive; we’d been doing some drills to train this just a few hours before this crap happened to our guy so maybe it helped.

make a lot of noise to attract attention - this can deter the scum as they often want to get in and out as quickly as possible with minimal attention.

The Police will often advise compliance and I can understand this - they see the damage done to some people that fight back. However, if you do comply you can feel like hell for months or even years afterwards, particularly men as it makes us question our manhood etc.It’s a tough one this as I can see both sides - another problem with compliance is that sometimes the bastards want to hurt you even after you’ve handed the dough over. 

Avoidance always the best gig, check out our wee guide to personal safety here:

Well done again to our guy and let’s hope these bastards will soon be long-term guests of Her Majesty.


29 Aug 2010

No Class on Bank Holiday and how some students fared in a Punch-Up

just to confirm that there will be no class tonight, Monday 30th, the Bank Holiday. Back to normal from tomorrow.
Forthcoming Intensive Course
Leo Negao and I will be taking the next intensive course from 16-20 September at the new Urban Kings Gym in Kings Cross Central London.  The course is open to candidate Instructors and people wanting to train on an intensive basis. Candidate Instructors have to attend all 5 days, people wanting to train on an intensive basis can pick and choose which days they want to attend.
See details here and contact me by ‘phone on 0791 261 6361 or e-mail if you wish to come along:
Student Experience
Check this story out from  Urban Krav Maga in Canada:
One of my lads had a punch up…...the story…..........
Recently,my friends and I were jumped in a field at night. I got a chance to use some of the things I learned from Urban Krav Maga in a real self-defence situation. I used a leg sweep to take my opponent down to the ground, he did have a full mount on me for second, but I used a technique I learned at Krav that fixed that problem right away. Once we rolled over(with me on top), I dug my face in his chest, gouged his eyes and ripped at his throat. I then grabbed his shoulder with my left hand, rose up, and dropped 6 elbows in his face. He became defenceless and yelled in pain. I stood up and started walking away along with my buddies who had also luckily won their fights. I did not get hit once for the entire confrontation. 
   I believe I was victorious in this fight because of my training at Urban Krav Maga. Not only because of the physical practicing we do, like the punching and elbows, but mental preparation that comes along with the training drills at Krav. I think the main reason I was able to successfully defend myself was not because I’m comfortable with smashing things with my elbows, I was able to concentrate and think while under the pressure of being attacked and having adrenaline flowing in my veins. And since my mind didn’t freeze up on me, making me hesitate, I knew exactly what to do. That is one of the unique traits at Urban Krav Maga that makes it such a successful fighting-style.
   I would like to thank my instructor Dan Morgan, Jake for his contributions to the club, all the guys who I train with at Urban Krav Maga London Ontario, and my Dad for the weekend scraps. Sparta! X
Dan Morgan - Urban Krav Maga Instructor
Not pleasant this sort of stuff but much better it happens to the bad guys than our people.  For me, this story goes to show that it’s not just the techniques but the way that you train that makes the difference. 
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