Urban Krav Maga


27 Jul 2010


Just done some filming for the DVD company NAP: did enough for a couple of DVDs that they will be sending out to their subscribers. Also, on the video front, currently developing an iphone application and a website on which people will be able to download a range of instructional clips. 


Will hopefully be going to Wisconsin in the Autumn to do a seminar at John Lacy’s club in Madison. John is a real asset to Urban Krav Maga and I’m looking forward to training with him again. He has many strengths as an Instructor but the main one - and this is the most important thing re the quality of any teacher - is that he genuinely cares about the progress of his students and believes that they have the right to be taught the very best techniques using the best methods. This is why he has continually looked to develop himself and his training and has done so successfully.

Look forward to getting over there in the “Fall”.