Urban Krav Maga


01 Dec 2009

New Instructors

I’m very pleased to announce that we have 7 new instructors after a very successful course just completed at the Diesel gym in Limehouse. It was very tough for all of them and not everybody who started the course completed it but those that did achieved a lot. Some feedback below from 2 of the experienced martial artists that did the course:

With a traditional martial arts background in Kung Fu, I had little experience and practical knowledge of ground fighting. I also found that a lot of the techniques within my armoury were ineffective against more powerful opponents. UKM has helped me to be more direct, cut the fancy stuff and use techniques that focus on dealing with an attacker in the fastest, most effective way. This Martial Art does not rely on physical strength, but rather on technique and speed.

I would highly recommend the UKM instructors course to all experienced Martial Artists looking to consolidate their knowledge with a combination of proven effective techniques. The course is really physically and mentally challenging! Anyone looking for an easy ride are in for a shock…Prepare to shed blood, sweat and tears.

Stewart and Leo are world class instructors and the experience of training with them was invaluable. Their high expectations and attention to detail truely motivates you to raise your game!!! In addition, both guys have a great sense of humour and made each day of training really enjoyable. The 5 days flew by quickly…and I can safely speak for everyone when I say we will be back for future courses.

AJ Abella

The Urban Krav Maga course was excellent covering all stand-up ranges and on the floor. Armed and unarmed, its the whole package. In the street you can call on these practical skills to get you, friends or family out of any situation.

Stewart Mc Gill is and excellent teacher with his own way of teaching; he breaks down techniques, so you as a student can pick it up real easy, and at your own pace. Leo Negao is another positive factor in the Urban Krav Maga organisation. He really knows his stuff, and can adapt his ground game to the street. As guys who know real fighting will tell you , the ground is not a great place to be; but if you you are there Leo will show you how to make the best of a bad situation and get up quickly and safely.

I would recommend it to anyone,

Jimmy Kelly