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"I work as a Bodyguard doing convoy protection and personal security detail in Iraq. 

I always train in Urban Krav Maga with Beyond Fighting in Leeds when I'm home on leave. Beyond Fighting's self-defence training is some of the most realistic I've experienced, perhaps even more so than in my current job or as a Special Reconnaissance soldier in the Army . Would recommend Urban Krav Maga to anyone wanting incredible fitness and conditioning and the best self-defence training I've ever done" 

Danny, Close Protection Operative-Hostile Environments

Our core busines is training civilians and we don't make a big deal out of supposed military connections but this is a strong testament from an experienced guy serving in a tough environment.
Our aim is to equip the student as soon as possible to defend themselves against the most common attacks.

We strongly recommend that, if you can, you choose an Urban Krav Maga Instructor. 

Urban Krav Maga is the only style of Krav Maga that:

(i) has been asked to provide a British Combat Association Masterclass;

(ii) has produced 2 highly acclaimed DVD sets in 2008/2009;

(iii) has been created - and continually updated - by a number of Martial Artists experienced across a range of disciplines;

(iv) has a syllabus based around defending the 10 most common attacks you are likely to face in the street;

(v) teaches a range of pre-emptive strikes and moves adapted to work for people against bigger/multiple opponents;

(vi) has Leo Negao, 4-time world Brazilian Jiu Jitsu champion as an Instructor; Leo is also our Advisor on groundwork and regularly trains the top Instructors. 

(v) has had 3 Instructors win awards from Martial Arts Illustrated Hall of Fame

Once the student has mastered the techniques against the most common attacks, more difficult scenarios are addressed to build a support system that will enable the student to deal with almost any situation.

By teaching concepts through techniques students are taught how to read a situation and react/respond accordingly, even if they've not experienced the exact same thing in training. Giving students the ability to improvise is an important element of our training.

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Student Experiences

"A drunken man came into an refuge we were running. He became extremely aggressive, produced a baton and started to threaten people with it… Read more

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Urban Krav Maga

26 Mar 2014 12:00:am

Urban Krav Maga began in 2008. I decided to go it alone after having worked with a few other Krav Maga organisations. I wanted to teach a system that was something more than Muay Thai with some weapons defences based around the punch and rudimentary groundwork. Something that drew on the experience across a range of martial arts and their…

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Urban Krav Maga DVD

6-DVD box set

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Watch video clips from the DVD

After we were recommended by the British Combat Association, New Approach Publishing (NAP), one of Britain’s biggest producers of reality self-defence video, asked us to produce an Urban Krav Maga DVD. Early in 2008 we produced a 6-DVD box set that will cover the following:

  • 10 most common street attacks in the UK (2 discs)
  • Knife threats/attacks
  • Gun defences
  • Grappling for self-defence–ground and stand up
  • Defending other people under threat or attack

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